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Polyamide 46 - PA46

Compared to other plastics such as partially aromatic polyamides and polyphenylenes polysulfides (PPS), polyamide 46 is distinguished by high crystallinity and preservation of its rigidity beyond the glass transition temperature. Likewise in comparison with other mechanical properties such as tensile strength, notched impact strength, fatigue strength and creep behaviour, PA46 is better than PA6, PA66 and PPS.


Properties :

- High rigidity in a high temperature range

- Excellent wear resistance

- High creep resistance, even at high temperatures

- Good oils resistance


The combination of advantageous mechanical properties at high temperatures and good aging resistance make PA46 an ideal technical plastic for applications where the components are exposed to high loads and stresses under high temperatures in an environment full of oils and chemicals.


Application fields :

Electricity and electronics components, as well as engine compartment components : coil bodies, switches, sensors, electric motor and chain tensioners components.


Click on the data sheet : brown-polyamides-pa46_89.pdf