innovation development materials composites
Specialist in the machining of thermoplastics and thermosets

Our facilities

IDMC possesses high-tech machine tools and uses CAD and CAM softwares to adapt its production capacity to the market needs :


Machine tools

CNC lathe 5 axes  
CNC lathe with a distance of 3 m between spindles  
CNC milling machines 3 axes  
CNC machine centre with a bed size of 3 m x 1 m and a vacuum holding system.
CNC machine centre 5 interpolated axes: 3.600 mm X axis, 2600mm Y axis and a 1200mm Z axis with a sophisticated vacuum holding system.
Panel saw with cutting lenght 4 m x 2 m
Sliding table saw (power of 15 HP), depth of cut 150 mm  
Numerous conventionnal tools

High tech computers equipment

C.A.D. / C.A.M.
Top Solid: Top design & Top Cam 6x8 axes